If you've asked yourself any of the questions below, then you're in the right place.

  • "How do I talk to that cute girl I see in class every day?"

  • "I see pretty girls walking past me every day. Every time I even think of going up to them and starting a conversation, fear grips me and my entire body freezes on the spot. How do I get over this fear of talking to women?"

  • "My ex-girlfriend dumped me. How do I make her feel attraction to show her what she's missing?"

  • "I've been a socially awkward guy all my life. All I did was study and play video games. All my friends have girlfriends and are happy in their relationships. How do I get a girlfriend?"

  • "How do I create my dream lifestyle with more money, more girls, a close circle of trustworthy friends and doing something which makes me truly happy?"

Hi, I'm Kshitij Sehrawat

I'm the founder of Iron Man Lifestyle.

I teach guys how to get better with women and lead a fulfilling lifestyle, by helping them overcome their fears, increasing confidence and sharing proven methods that are guaranteed to get results. At the same time being their natural and true self.

At Iron Man Lifestyle I talk about social dynamics, meeting women, pickup, dating advice, personal development and creating your dream lifestyle.

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