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Yo what up Iron Man, Kshitij here.

I have been going out since a little more than 10 years now and met 1000s of girls all over India.

I have helped over 1157 Indian men to get their dream dating life.

From age 18 to 42, I have trained Indian men from all walks of life including:

  • IIT students
  • Successful businessmen
  • Medical, Engineering, Business College students
  • Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Divorced guys
  • Guys who have studied in Hindi and Marathi Medium schools
  • Officer of the Indian Air force
  • ACP of CRPF
  • Guys who have never spoken to a girl before
  • Short guys
  • Bald guys

I have dealt with almost all issues that men bring up related to money, looks, being bald, being dark skinned etc. The list can go on as long as a toilet paper roll.

This is how I earn my living.

The only thing I get paid for on the Mentorship program is RESULTS.

New guys and veterans alike go with me into the field, where I help them talk to the girls...

Back to the guys tooling them...

Back into the uncomfortable unknown…  

And in the Mentorship, these are some of the results I have been able to produce:

  • Guys who have never approached a girl end up getting dates and phone numbers.
  • Finally, these men feel like they can freely express themselves and have women loving them for it

In just a couple of months, guys who take my Mentorship transform from soft-spoken, nice guys with ill-fitted clothes to confident bosses with swagger (and clothes that fit right).

I take a lot of pride in the fact that I have the skills and abilities to make such transformations happen.

But a lot of my students and friends believe I was always like this.

Girls were aliens to me back in college...

I’m from a boys school.

It’s not easy to get out of boys school and realise half of the rest of the world is populated with a different gender of the same species.

What was it like?

Let’s go back to my first year of college.

I was fresh and new, and there were quite a few cute girls around. All I wanted was this one girl who I thought was really cute.

I used to lose my shit around her. To what degree?

Once I had a chance to talk to her. After getting back to my friend wo bola.

“Bhai tere kaan laal ho jaate hai

 iske saamney.”

So I asked my school friends how to do this. They basically told me to do what everyone under the sun tells you to do.

“Bhai, kaise bhi karke number jugaad le aur fir baat kar… friend ban ja sab apne aap ho jayega.”

To that end, I made sure to get almost every attractive girl’s number in college. It was weird, I felt creepy doing it knowing something was wrong with the way I was doing it.

I remember when my friend called me and asked “Bhai tu kar kya raha hai? People are saying shit about you here.”

I reproached saying “Bhai tum logo ne hi bola ye karo” but I knew he was right. Deleted all of those numbers.

Then as if by luck...

...A friend of mine told me about this book called “The Game.” 

It was shocking for me to read and find out you could ACTUALLY LEARN this. At first I didn’t believe it.

The Game was one of the few books I have ever read that I devoured in ONE sitting.

I was hooked. I wanted to try it. I wanted to see if it worked.

The next couple of days, and the next couple of months were a REVELATION.

Every time I said “Hands off the merchandise” and half-expecting the girl to look at me and call me an asshole, I’d instead see her light up and get attracted.

Every time I used one of the routines that I felt was kinda weird, I noticed that the girls would be far more engaged, far more interested.

It was like finding magic.

So I started going out with my friends. To learn this “game” stuff.


My success didn’t come easy at all.

For months upon months - I struggled with approach anxiety.

I remember this one time I was out with my brother and we wanted to open this group of girls.

We made a pact with each other to dance together with our eyes closed for 30 seconds and then suddenly initiate the conversation.

We danced for 30 seconds. We turned around quickly. We opened our eyes and opened them.

“Hain” boli aur chali gayi.

It really was quite the effort.

We would walk around for hours together late in the night, absolutely tired and exhausted, and make a couple of nervous approaches that wouldn’t go anywhere…

I don’t want to admit this because this is bad for my current reputation…But...

I was so bad it took me YEARS to even learn how to hook a girl.

I read everything. All the books around.

You see, I wasn’t an introvert, or a shy person in the classic sense of the word either. Not exactly a pussy either.

I grew up in an all boys’ school and was one of the most outspoken and respected guys out there.

Mostly because I beat up a lot of guys. Not a good reason, I know.

But for some reason, ladkiyon ke saamne mere tatte muh mein aa jaate the .

I always felt like something held me back when I wanted to get women to like me.

If you have seen all the socially conditioned stuff - you are as convinced as I am that if you do the Govinda dance you get Raveena Tandon.


Real life, however, is more like a Manoj Bajpai movie.

You can grind for hours on end, approaching girls, and still come home with nothing. That happened quite a lot.

Because of the way we are brought up in India, most of us have really bad social conditioning. You probably identify with me when I tell you that most of us have fun only when we are out.

As soon as you are home, you’re back in the boundaries of an introverted family where people do not talk or really express themselves that much.

In fact, it’s shocking for me to meet guys on bootcamp and realise that for most of the guys I train HAVING FUN SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST PART.

Here’s basically how I felt in the “trenches” of game a while ago, and the problems I faced:

  • I’d look at girls and want to approach them, but I’d end up walking around her, make tons of excuses before ever making the approach, turning around and walking away - and then walking back to her finally - a lot of the times it wouldn’t even happen!

  • I felt like I had to wait for her to get off the phone, for her to get out of the store - I just wasn’t comfortable with any scenario except her being alone to approach her.

  • I was afraid people around me would laugh, or worse beat me up(this was big) if the approach went wrong.

  • I felt creepy walking around all by myself when I would go out alone....

  • I hated having to depend on a girl’s good reactions to feel ok about expressing myself...

  • I’d run out of stuff to say in a conversation,

  • Girls would agree to meet me, and then flake on the exact day we were meant to meet up… I didn’t know how to prevent this.

  • I couldn’t help but feel strange about touching girls, and felt out of character when I initiated touch…

  • I always felt like I would have to logically justify my approach to a woman, and felt strange when I approached them.

  • I felt it was creepy to go and talk to random people. And me learning how to do that was even creepier.

  • I felt afraid I’d be treated like a creep or told I was a creep.

  • I used to feel like I was forcing conversation on the girls when ALL they really wanted was to walk away. (This is what happens when you open asking for directions)

  • Something held me back subconsciously from getting the girls - I felt nervous, fumbled my words and had a strange pressure to “Do my best game” for these hot girls or “get in state” to talk to them… And it would never work…

  • I would always take the easy way out by approaching the one girl who was by herself, while considering hot girls in groups out of reach(to the point that I ignored them altogether - what a waste)

  • All my gameplans would come crashing down if the girl gave me a single bad reaction…

  • Despite having a great day out, I had a sinking feeling most days when I thought about my results in the last couple of months…

  • Honestly, I felt like I was spinning in circles - making some improvements along the way - but always feeling like I could do far better if only I did it harder… I just didn’t know what was missing…


Everything I did, it was always in the back of my mind that I was not getting results…

But no matter how hard I tried back then… All of it felt like a struggle… Going through rejections, flakes and failed interactions…

I didn’t exactly start out the best…as you can tell.

Until this one point where I watched this short, balding guy talk on a Youtube video

And he said something that completely transformed me...forever.

This video offered the insight that was completely missing in my personality all this time.

When I went out and applied it, for the first couple of days it was weird, and awkward.

But then over the next couple of days turned into weeks, and then months - my results exploded.

As a result of this success, I ended up simplifying my process much more.

Soon enough, all of these elements came together into a simple 1-2-3 step process that I executed in every interaction.

It all boiled down to a couple of distinctions that when applied and used - consistently made girls obsess over me - and anyone I taught them to!

Here’s the thing though: Every damn video on Youtube and these products has more and more content for you to swallow. The videos never talk to you or give you feedback about your game. It’s such a ridiculous waste of time. Plus they waste hours upon hours of your time.

It can REALLY get overwhelming. Especially with all the lengthy products nowadays. And no feedback to apply all of that to someone who has walked the talk.

It literally is like watching TV. You watch it, within a couple hours it’s already forgotten. The TV stimulates you, makes you imagine things - and then you go back to living your real life.

But that’s about to change. I’m pissed off at that way of doing things.  

Here is your chance to step up, and get coached by me...

What I’m offering here, is a chance to get me to personally help you out.

Over the course of couple of months, I’m going to give you the simple method I personally use that works in India.

A method that I have used, and my students have used to get amazing success with Indian women.

You would think that you cannot “trick” bhartiya naari into liking you.

But that’s why I do not teach tricks. What I am offering you,  is a transformation.

Should you choose to accept this mission, and do what I tell you to do over the next couple of months...

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You will be able to approach her with a feeling of certainty that you can handle any situation, making you feel very confident in yourself as a man.

  • You will know exactly what to say after starting a conversation… It’s almost like you are giving her a drug and she can’t help but respond.

  • You will always have something interesting to say once you discover my simple technique for doing so… Women will stick around even when you shut up because they find you so interesting!

  • You will discover my simple method to short-circuit her logical mind within 20 minutes and make her feel and act like she’s known you forever.

  • You will discover how to approach mixed sets, multiple girls sets, guy-girl sets, seated sets and more…. So you can always find a way to get to the girl you want.

  • You’ll become a man who has no fear of women walking away… And as a result, have more of them finding you irresistible.

  • You will discover how to be yourself the RIGHT WAY and get the hottest girl who makes you nervous right now to be completely into you.

  • You will discover how I eliminate flaking and getting blocked on Whatsapp… And also discover how you can tell when she’s going to - so you can prevent it.

  • You will learn to text and calling the right way so girls are receptive and glad to hear from you…So you can lead it easily to a meetup.

  • You will discover my simple mindset behind touching and escalation to make her feel comfortable with your touch - so you can get sexual with her without any awkwardness.

  • You will discover my “windows of escalation” where I tell you when to go for a kiss, a date etc. so you’re always in charge and doing things at the right time.

  • You will discover how to track your own progress… So you can troubleshoot and never need anyone else to help you with your game
  • Have a kickass Online Dating profile to get 3-5 matches per day and go on dates from Online Dating Sites.

What my students have accomplished so far: (Here’s the proof)

Here’s what my students are saying:

Introducing Mentorship 2.0

  1. Mentorship training every week will give you the lessons and the mission for the week to internalize them.
  2. All the doubts that you have will be taken up over 4 live coaching calls every single week.

All the live sessions will last for around an hour, and for some modules around an hour and a half - to cover that Module's lessons.

But the focus here is not the quantity of content if you want that you can go back to the hour-long youtube videos and waste your time there. Here, you will get what has helped all of my students in terms of PURE RESULTS.

Here’s what we’re going to cover :

Module 1 :

Obliterate Fear and Approach Anxiety

Starting the Mentorship, you will learn to annihilate your approach anxiety, forever.

Warning: Following everything this module properly may lead to you becoming an approach machine.


  • Discover my simple 4-step process for eliminating the fear of approach and rejections in the first 20 minutes of your day, every time you are out, consistently. (This has never failed any of my students)
  • You get 'the core mindset behind every approach you will ever make’ - this is literally the only thing you have to keep in mind when making the approach for it to go successfully
  • You learn how to approach when out of state - and have it go smooth
  • You get to learn how fear truly works, and how to use it
  • Module 1 Missions

+4 Live Sessions

Module 2 :

Dress to express. Kickass solid first impressions.

Do you know a solid first impression can allow you to literally mess up everything in your game for the first 5 minutes without being rejected?

Those first 5 minutes are where most approaches end for guys who don’t take care of this.

Not anymore…


  • You get my take on quick, painless fashion upgrades so when you approach a girl, she instantly ticks the checkbox in her head that says “Cool guy”
  • You get tips on grooming - How to look like a really cool guy for the best first impressions.
  • You get to know about fit, shoes, what to wear, accessories etc. - so the next time you’re out shopping - you know exactly what you should buy for maximum impact on the first impression with a hot girl without spending extra
  • Module 2 Missions

+4 Live Sessions

Module 3 :

The Approach: What to say when you approach her to get her to stand and listen.

So you got over your approach anxiety, but what do you do after you have stepped up to the girl? Module 3 to the rescue:


  • Basics of approaching: Nail these down and no girl will ever be able to walk away from your approach before at least standing and acknowledging your presence
  • The opener - What do you say when you open? This section will finally eliminate the question from your head and make you always feel like you’re prepared for the approach
  • You get my take on direct and indirect opening, and what works best - so you know when to use which for the best results possible
  • You will learn how to calibrate according to the social context - Walking girls, sitting girls, girls in groups, mixed groups and other variations - so you are further prepared to handle any situation
  • You will discover my forte - the night game - and how to open girls everywhere in a club, from the dance floor to the smoking area and even the streets.
  • Module 3 Mission


+4 Live Sessions


After we complete Module 3, you will be equipped with the knowledge to go and open any girl, make an amazing first impression, talk to her in a way that gets her to respond and command her attention… After which we come to Module 4, which is…

Module 4 :

How to keep talking: Never running out of things to say. Verbal game to keep the ball rolling.

Find yourself often running out of stuff to say? Never again! 


  • Never worry about exhausting a topic again - how to give ‘birth’ to topics that are fun for her and you to talk about
  • How to lead her to the point where she starts asking you questions and showing interest in you - The Golden Rule
  • The BIGGEST mistake you may be making in your approach that makes her say things like “I am not interested” and “Why are you asking me this?” and how to eliminate it completely from your identity
  • How to set the right frame, so you’re in control of the interaction - and she feels comfortable letting you lead it
  • Module 4 Mission


+4 Live Sessions

Module 4 builds the foundations for…

Module 5 :

Attraction: How to make her feel attracted to you with conversation done the right way

  • How to ACTUALLY tell stories, so she doesn’t feel like you’re trying hard - but actually finds you interesting and wants to know you better
  • My #1 trick to building attraction and connection at the same time - NOTHING else does this better
  • You get to learn about how to have a good sense of humor - so you can make both yourself and other people laugh - so they want to always be around you!
  • Flirting 101 - How to hit on her the right way - so you have the kind of fun conversations that turn ALL women on
  • How to use your tonality the right way to get women to feel extremely turned on by you
  • How to never come across as needy when flirting or giving compliments - so she NEVER feels like she completely has you - and gets her to chase your validation instead!
  • Module 5 Mission


+4 Live Sessions


If you master this, then is the point where you will start getting numbers left, right and centre… Now is the perfect time to get consistency in your game….Enter Module 6…

Module 6 :

The Process: How to make the best use of your time when you are out

Here’s what you get :

  • Get the same process I use every time I am out, to have extreme amounts of fun, and get crazy results - EVERY TIME YOU ARE OUT.
  • How to have REAL fun in the club. Instead of looking around at other people dancing - here is how you command people’s attention - and get women to want to talk to you
  • Taking massive action the right way. Most people go out and burn themselves out very quickly - learn how to take massive action the right way so you feel MORE ENERGY at the end of the day than you did when you began!
  • The right way to set goals in the game, which allows you to decide your progress, so you always have a good feeling about where you are
  • The ONLY criteria you should focus on when you are out, so you do not sabotage your good state, allowing you to have incredible success throughout the entire time you are out meeting women
  • Writing micro field reports and assessing your game the right way every time you do an approach- so you can troubleshoot your own game, and never need me ever again to tell you what to do!
  • Module 6 Mission


+4 Live Sessions


After you have this process, and the verbal artillery, I’m going to let you take a peek into my mind.

Module 7 :

Inner Game: How to allow yourself to express your most attractive, natural self

  • How to destroy your limiting beliefs, bulldoze past your fears and reach the place of complete freedom in being yourself
  • Learn the one mindset that teaches you how to NEVER feel like you do not deserve the girl - So you can unlock your most powerful “10” version that she resonates with
  • You will learn how to be your true self in a conversation, understand how to get past the problem of putting on a fake persona, and become yourself completely to get girls - without trying.
  • You’ll get lessons from me on being in the moment and trusting yourself - finally allowing your “higher self” to do game for you, by having full faith in your capabilities
  • Being in control, at all times in your life, so you’re the captain that steers the ship of your life and interactions with women
  • How to NOT be needy, and take back control of your own emotions and moods from people you give it to - so you can finally be that guy that girls find “masculine” and get attracted to
  • How to be proactive and not reactive, so you are always prepared for any situation(this goes way beyond just women)
  • Module 7 Mission


+4 Live Sessions

And finally, you get the solution to all your “bitch face” and bad reaction problems in..

Module 8 :

How to endure through shit tests and bad reactions

  • You get to learn about the kind of shit tests that women throw at men, so you can identify when she’s giving you one and disarm her - making her feel helplessly turned on by you
  • Why her bad reactions, and shit tests - are actually INDICATORS OF INTEREST - and how to use them to your advantage
  • The ONE simple 3-word rule for handling EVERY shit test you’ll ever get - so you can automate the process of passing every shit test(Once you learn this, you’ll never have to even think about passing her shit tests!)
  • Module 8 Mission


+4 Live Sessions


After you learn how to pass shit tests and overcome any objections she might have, you’re going to learn how to LEAD. Which leads us to Module 9…

Module 9 :

Being the Man: Leading, Taking charge. Escalation done right.

  • How to summon courage, whenever you need it, so you can rise up to the occasion and go for the kiss or the pull
  • How to show intent without being afraid, and make it seem so normal she accepts it’s just how you are and goes with it
  • You’ll learn from me the various “windows of leading” I have identified that help me go on instant dates, go in for the kiss and pull the girl at the right time
  • The correct mindsets for escalation, to make it noncreepy to her and make her feel extremely comfortable with being touched by you and led by you
  • You’ll learn how I isolate the girl at the right time so that everything else I am doing has maximum impact on her
  • Module 9 Mission


+4 Live Sessions

Module 10 :

Building Comfort: How to create the magic bubble of love, and make her feel like she’s known you forever

  • How to build comfort the right way, so that she looks forward to another date with you and is receptive on calls and texts
  • How to make her feel like SHE has won you over so that when you ask for her number she feels delighted to give it to you
  • How to open up to her the right way, so she feels like she knows you, allowing her to feel non-slutty about being sexual with you
  • How to drop “hints” at pulling her, so when you pull her it feels like the most natural thing in the world for her and you
  • Tactics to make her feel connected with you FAST, for times when she has to go and you don’t have enough time to build a connection with her, reducing the chances she’ll flake on you by at least 50%
  • Module 10 mission


+4 Live Sessions

Module 11 :

The Close: Where to take the interaction after she’s ready for something more

  • How to decide which close to go for
  • How to go for the kiss, at the right time, so she’s fully receptive to you
  • How to know if she’s ready for a pull, both emotionally and logistically
  • Module 11 Mission

+4 Live Sessions

Module 12 :

Day2s, Texting and Pulling: How to close. Managing dates, numbers.

  • How to set up a day2 the right way for the best possible results with the girl
  • What to say on texts/calls with the girl on phone, so you’re always taking the interaction forward
  • What to do on a day2, when you meet her again, so that you set the stage right for a close
  • What to do when she flakes, so you don’t reduce your chances of getting on with this girl again
  • Module 12 Mission


+4 Live Sessions

Here’s something extra for you:

(Bonus 1) Get into my exclusive Whatsapp Group

  • Get into my exclusive Whatsapp Group where you get access to all other students, going out in different cities so that you can go out and wing together.


(Bonus 2) Meet-Up in your city

  • Get your chance to meet me in person when I fly to your city.* This is a one-time chance to meet me, get together and discuss game. This will be a group-meet up in your city. 

(Bonus 3) Exclusive Facebook group

  • Get into my exclusive Facebook Group where me along with 4 of my coaches will be helping you on your journey.
  • They're highly experienced in Game and have had amazing results in the past. 

Still not sure about the Program?

My clients get REAL results:

These are the kind of results my clients have gotten on my bootcamp, and I have made every effort to keep this product quality on par with what I put into my bootcamps.

Here’s what you’re getting in this product, again:

You will get the EXACT process I use to transform guys in 3 days, stretched out over the next couple of months, along with coaching which will help you achieve amazing results with women. Following this process under my supervision will allow you to master it quickly, and get results faster than you can imagine.

You will get my course with the 12 modules:


  • Module 1: The Approach  - Kick fear out, approach the girl, start playing the game.

  • Module 2: Fashion & Grooming - Dress to express.

  • Module 3: The Approach - How to Open, how to set the right rhythm.

  • Module 4: Never Running Out Of Things To Say - EVER! - Forget blank mind, forever. Always have something to say.

  • Module 5: Attraction & Verbal Game - The arsenal of attraction material that transforms you into the “fun to be around” guy.

  • Module 6: The Process - How to have consistent, awesome days, every time you’re out.

  • Module 7: Inner Game: Mindsets of a 10/10 player - How a 10 sees the world and lives it.

  • Module 8: Persisting through Shit Tests & Enduring Obstacles- How to endure through shit tests and bad reactions. How to become unstoppable in the face of social pressure.

  • Module 9: Being the Man - Escalation, Leading, Isolation & Kino (Touching).

  • Module 10: Making her fall in Love with you: Building Comfort - Make her feel like she’s known you forever.

  • Module 11: The Close - How to go for the number.

  • Module 12: Day2s, Texting, and Pulling - Texting after getting the number, Setting the date.


+ Missions every week

4 Live Sessions where we get together in a group and troubleshoot your sticking points 

It’s time you take back control of your life

You know you want this. You know you have waited for an opportunity like this to show up. You know because somewhere in your gut, you feel like you are ready to make this step.

This won’t be easy, and I don’t promise quick rewards. But I do promise you, if you follow through on what we’re going to do here, you will finally have a hold over your life that few men dream of during their lifetime.

Promise me your dedication and I promise you a transformation of who you are - to your core.

This is your chance to finally become the man you have always wanted to be. The attractive man who is in control of his life’s direction, and has plenty of options with lots of hot girls.

All those times you said “I need someone’s guidance to do this” have led you here. Click the button below and schedule your call. My team will talk to you over the call.

Still not sure about the program?...



PS: If you are still wondering about whether to make the decision to buy this.

Let me help you with some facts:


  1. The price for this coaching is ONLY going to go up in the future. But the future iterations WILL cost more, no doubts on that - Like I said, it’s only until I get testimonials and feedback that this product will remain at the price it is at right now.
  2. You get the bonus Next Steps Call which I may choose to not include in the future.  
  3. My track record teaching students ALL over India is unprecedented - I get RESULTS

Don’t wait to find out from other people if this is going to be good. Grab your chance right now, till you have it. Click the button below and let’s get rolling.

Still not sure about the program?...

PPS: You can choose to go out with your wing over the next couple of months. I have no objections to that.

On some level you may believe you will do just fine. But what if you don’t?

You can keep telling yourself one day you’ll become great…

You’ll keep playing the numbers game, and maybe getting lucky every once in a while.

But what if you go out for the next couple of months and keep doing the same things?

What if that period stretches out over the next year, or maybe more?

What if it already has?

Don’t pass this chance up, bro. I would have killed for someone to give me these same insights long ago when I was starting out.

You can choose this, or you can go live the life you have always lived. I hope for you to do the best you can in your life.