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Hey There,

Welcome to Simp To Stud.

Let's play a game of imagination...

Imagine you're out and across the street you see a beautiful girl.

She is wearing a cute dress and her smile has,

You sum up all the courage inside of you, and you decide to approach her and start a conversation.

Made your heart skip a beat.

The conversation gets going, you make her laugh and she seems to like you. After some time you take here number, and you now have a date with a beautiful girl.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, in the past 10 years I have helped thousands of men do just that.

Hi, my name is Kshitij.

 I help men like you meet the girl of their dreams and have a fulfilling relationship with her.

I have been featured in established media outlets, like-

Here's how I help my clients (and how I can help you)-

💕 Get Out of the Friendzone 💕

Do you like a girl but you feel you're in the friendzone? Do you feel you constantly get friendzoned by girls you like?

Well, I'll help you with the exact mindsets and strategies that will help you get out of the friendzone once and for all.

💕 The Art of Conversation 💕

Have you ever been in a situation where you are talking to a girl you like at some time you run out of things to say.

There is an awkward silence and you don't know what to do. (Some people also start sweating and even shivering in such scenarios)

Well, I'll teach you how you can keep the conversation going and never get in 'awkward silence trap' where you have nothing to say.

💕 The Attraction Blueprint 💕

Most men I meet have no idea on how to attract a girl. In fact, they are stuck with the mindset that girls only fall for money or looks.

Women, are not that shallow and personality and charisma go a long long way.

I help men develop that killer charisma and a flamboyant personality that makes them a stud that girls want to be with.

💕 Elite Social Circle 💕

Finally, in today's day and age, you want friends who you can hang out with and a big social circle can help both your professional and personal life.

I'll share tips on how to build your social circle, even if you are low on cash or budget.

So, To get access to all of this information and take your dating life to the next level, join my exclusive community below,

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📌 50+ Exclusive Videos

📌 Simp to Stud Stories

📌 Private Group

Here's what you'll get -

📌 50+ Exclusive Videos 📌

All the members of the Simp to Stud community will get access to 50+ exclusive videos, where I share in-depth tips on core dating aspects like...

How to get out of the friendzone, the art of conversation, how to attract women and more.

Note - This will be an exclusive video, which will not be released anywhere else.

📌 Simp to Stud Stories 📌

Since this happens to be my private community, it allows me to be more raw, more raunchy, and more juicy with you guys.

So, every now and then we will be mixing things up.

Where I will share the juiciest and the craziest of my personal stories from my journey to being a stud.

These stories will guarantee blow your minds away, by the realness and depth that we'll get into.

Nowhere else, will you find these stories. Not even in my Mentorship Program.

📌 Facebook Group Access 📌

You'll also get access to the Simp To Stud Facebook group,

Where you can ask any question related to your dating or social life (big or small),

And I will answer them. Personally.

You can share about your personal experiences, doubts and breakthroughs there.

You can also connect with wings there and find life-long friends.

💲 50% OFF 💲


📌 50+ Exclusive Videos

📌 Simp to Stud Stories

📌 Private Group

Your Most Common Questions Answered

1. How do I access the videos?

You will receive a link in your email when you buy the course.
Click on the link to create an account on our website.
Once done, you will be able to access the contents of the course you bought.

2. How will I get access to the mastercourse?

Go to https://courses.ironmanlifestyle.com/explore and login to view your course.

3. What if I am not able to log in?

Shoot a mail at support@ironmanlifestyle.co with your query.

4. How many videos will I get?

You receive 50+ videos with Simp to Stud, to help you master 1 new core concept of dating every week, for an entire year.

5. Will I get personal access to Kshitij?

No. There might be some exclusive live calls held from time-to-time. You can get access to Kshitij there.

6. Will this work for me if I am fat or skinny?

Yes, Most girls don’t care about looks. They are not shallow like men. They are looking for a high value guy. This course is designed to help you demonstrate your value and create attraction, irrespective of your weight, skin color, income or age.

7. I still have some doubts, what should I do?

Tap on the message icon on the lower right of your screen. Here you can chat with my support team and they will personally help you with your doubts. Or drop us an email at support@ironmanlifestyle.co

8. What language is the course in?

This course is in Hinglish.

9. What if I have any more doubts?

Send us an e-mail at support@ironmanlifestyle.co with your queries, and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Let's take you on this journey from a Simp to Stud.

Your Guardian Dating Angel,

Kshitij. ❤