Meeting Women Bootcamp

Yo what up Player,

My name is Kshitij.

The above video is an Infield Pickup Compilation of my past year Meeting Women in India.

Iron Man Lifestyle is my personal project to help people become better with women.

I am a dating/pickup coach based in New Delhi, India. I have been practicing cold approach pickup for 8 years now.

Consistently going out 5 nights a week and improving my skill set.

When the word pickup artist comes to your mind, I can tell what you’re thinking about right now-

"Oh, he uses pickup lines, routines to trick the girls into sleeping with him."

But, the way I approach pickup/meeting women at Iron Man Lifestyle is very different.

Rather than making it super complicated and treating it like astrophysics, I like to keep it fun. That's it.

Women are not that hard to figure out guys.

I don't use any memorized routines, magic tricks, hypnosis or NLP techniques to 'magically' make the girl like us.

I like to keep it simple.

Simple, yet effective.

The way I meet women in India is by focusing on improving myself.

That is where all the work is done.

I have focused on improving each and every aspect of my life for the past 8 years, and have come up with the most effective solutions when it comes to meeting women.

The goal is to improve yourself as a person and transform into this entity that the girls are naturally drawn to YOU.

Not your looks or money. And definitely not pickup lines, tricks, and routines.

You do not need to be good looking or be a millionaire to meet women.


I don't rely on alcohol to have fun and get the courage to go talk to a girl.

At this point, talking to a random girl and knowing what to say is just effortless for me. I am at that point where if I see an attractive girl and feel like saying hi to her, I say it without any fear of rejection.

So that when I go back home, I don't keep thinking to myself as to what could have happened had I said "Hi" to that cute girl on the street or in the club.


Learn from me

I am finally opening up my live coaching programs to the general public, to reveal to you all there is to know when it comes to meeting women.

The 3-day live coaching program or pickup Bootcamp in India will be an intensive in-the-field coaching program.

We will be going out to different venues (malls, coffee shops, bars & clubs) in your preferred Indian city, be it New Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai.

The Bootcamp will be a mix of Day Game and Night Game.


  • I will be right beside you to push you out of your comfort zone during the program.

  • I will be instructing you on every step of your way to help you get rid of anything stopping you from talking to ‘that girl.’

  • Which will help you gain immense knowledge and first-hand experience to believe that it is possible.

  • I will be giving you tips in-field to completely free you from your own thoughts, to take action and create an amazing lifestyle.


This can be learned. I am telling you this. Because I have learned it myself.

By the end of the program, you will have done hundreds of approaches.

The amount of knowledge that you will gain from the 3-day program will be equivalent to over 2 years of you trying to figure it out for yourself.

This program is aimed at getting you results- FAST.

You do not need to be good looking or be a millionaire to meet women.

Whatever skill level you may be (beginner, intermediate or advanced), the program guarantees you to make drastic improvements in your ‘game.’

Here's what you can expect from me:


Learn to do Game like a natural so that you don't come across as fake and creepy.



8 to 10 hours of practical cold approach pickup in the field every day. So that you can learn and do simultaneously. We all know that pickup is done in the field, that is why it is necessary to get live feedback right at the time of doing it.

8 to 10 hours of cold approach will take your game to the next level and handle your sticking points right there.



I will help you get rid of approach anxiety once and for all so we can focus on the more important stuff.



My very simple structure to how to talk to a girl from open to close in all situations based on

  • Location (Mall, metro, college, club, etc.) and
  • Type of set (single set, 2set, 3 set, girls night out set, etc.



My personal stack of the best tried and tested openers in India. Also, I will teach you to approach without using openers at all, like a complete natural.



Learn to drastically reduce nu,ber flakes by seeing what solid game really looks like.



Insight into my thought process for a rock solid Inner Game, for you to model your game on. This will help you to react in a high-value way, naturally.

You won't have to worry about how you should or should not react. Because now you know exactly how I would act if I were you. And you can act accordingly and pass shit tests with ease.



When to go for the number close and not get turned downed.



How to never run out of things to say, ever again.



How to make girls see you as an alpha male and never fall into the friend zone again.



How to be a captivating storyteller so that the girl hangs on to every word of yours and you manage to spark attraction and build comfort both, at the same time.



Get my insights into mastering game in a social situation like parties, office, marriages, etc.

Learn how to be the center of attention at all times.



You'll learn how you can dress to impress without spending a lot on clothes.



Cheap DIY hack that will help you make the perfect first impression and help boost your confidence.



You'll learn how you can enter into clubs without spending any money or even if you don't have girl friends.

This little skill took me a year to master myself. I'll teach all of it to you.



Basic dance moves so that you don't stand awkwardly in the club.

Also, I will teach you my personal dance moves to sweep the girl off her feet.



Learn to do night game without relying on alcohol or social proof.



Learn how to generate social proof by learning advanced techniques of merging sets.



How to be the party in the club so that women want to be with you and men want to be you.



Text game tips to make the girl want to meet you.



Bootcamps will be commencing in the month of September. 

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Future Bootcamps

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